Grade Export

The Grades Export Widget is a continuing effort to streamline the process of transferring Grades from SLATE to the Office of the Registrar – Grade Roster.

The widget will automate all of the steps required to prepare an exported Grade Book from SLATE for upload to the Grade Roster.

By using the widget you will prepare and download the file to complete the process by loading grades into Peoplesoft. 


It is NOT a completely automated mechanism to transfer Grades from SLATE to the Office of the Registrar, but it is an important step towards that desired functionality.


Grade Export Widget

export studentsOnce your gradebook is complete and you are ready to upload into Peoplesoft, click the Export Student Final Grades button on the widget. The widget is automatically added to our default SLATE Homepage, if you have a custom homepage you will need to manually add the widget.

Grades ExporterYou will see a status bar pulling the data for you, once complete you will see a number of students that have been downloaded. From here the grade data will be downloaded into a CSV file on your computer. You can take that CSV file and follow the loading grades into Peoplesoft directions.