• Select Assessment>Grades
    • Select Enter Grades 
    • Click Export 
  • On the Export Grades page, under the Key Fields heading, make sure you select the user information you want to include in the export.
    • Under the Grade Values heading, select the grade details you want to export.
      • Select the grade items you want to include in the export file.
        • Select Export to Excel at the bottom of the screen.
        • A popup window will appear.  When the file is available for download, click on the link and open the file.

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  • Avatar Pauline Giovannetti says:

    I have entered the grades for Assignment #1. However, the left column says Final Grade and currently it reads, for example, 10/100 (the Assignment was worth 10). Will this left column accumulate all the grades as they are entered? Do I have to Import/Export for grades to appear to students?

  • Avatar Paula Tillmann Peirce says:

    What steps do I take to export a grade sheet for all graded elements for a course, enter the grades into the sheet, then import them back into the gradebook on SLATE?

    • Jana Wells Jana Wells says:

      Hi Paula,

      Exporting Grades:
      To export grades in SLATE please take a look at the following page in the portal:

      Importing Grades
      To import the grades back in your click on Enter Grades. On the Enter Grades page you will see a blue button that says Import. Clicking on this will take you to the Import Grades page. You can attach a .csv or .txt file and click Continue to import the grades. If the grades have never existed in SLATE then please click on the Grades_Sample_Import_File under the Sample heading. Use this to format your grades for import. If you need further instruction please let me know.

  • Avatar Maureen Spiteri says:

    I posted the grades using the Faculty Centre so do I need to export anything from SLATE? I entered my grades in SLATE but based on the emails recieved, I am not seeing why I need ot export if I use Faculty Centre option? Thanks for the clarification

    • Jana Wells Jana Wells says:

      There are two ways to load your grades. The first is to load the grades one-by-one through the Faculty Centre using the Grade Roster tool. The second is to export them from SLATE and import them in the Faculty Centre. Either way is fine!