Access an Assignment Folder:

  • Drop the arrow down beside Assessment on the nav bar
  • Click Assignments 
  • Select the Assignments folder you want to upload a submission to.


Note: Due Dates are located to the right of the assignments (dropbox) name and may be different end dates.  For example, Assignment One is due on April 9 however, the assignments folder is open until April 16.  Once a folder is closed you see a closing date under the folder name and will no longer be able to click on the folder to submit a file. Likewise, if an assignment (dropbox) is not open yet you will see an opening date under the folder name.


Submitting to an Assignments Folder:

  • Once you are on the Submit Files page you will see important information such as the start date, due date, instructions and any associated rubrics for the assignment.




To submit a file from your computer:

  • Under the Submit Files heading click Add a File. 
  • A popup window will appear.  Select My Computer on the left.
  • Drag and Drop the file or Click Upload. 
  • Locate the file on your computer and click Open.
  • Click Add.
    • To submit an item from your ePortfolio (artifact, collection, presentation, etc.):

      • Under the Submit Files heading click Add a File.
      • A popup window will appear.  Select ePortfolio on the left.
      • All of your ePortoflio artifacts will appear on the right.  Select the circle beside the item you want to submit.
      • Click Select Item. 
    • To submit an audio recording:

      • Under the Submit Files heading click Record Audio.
      • A popup window will appear.  In the Audio Flash Player Settings box on the right check the box beside Allow. 
      • Click the Record Icon (red circle). 
      • To play back your recording select the play icon. You can clear the recorded and rerecord using the clear button.
      • When you are satisfied with your recording click Add. 
      • Enter any comments in the comments box.
      • Click Submit. 

      Confirmation of Submission:


      • Once you submit your file to the assignments you are taken to a File Upload Results page.  This page will provide an overview of your submission including the Submitted Files, Comments and Submission Date.
      • Depending on the assignments settings this page may allow you to submit additional files.
      • This page will also confirm that a confirmation email is sent successfully. You will find this email in your SLATE email inbox unless you have chosen to forward your mail.
      • Click Done. 



  • Gwendolyn D'Silva says:


    When a student submits an assignment to the dropbox after the due date but before the closing date instructors do not receive any notification. Instructors have to navigate to the dropbox to review files where they will see that the submission was late.

    All the best,


  • Sheridan says:

    When a student submits an assignment (to the dropbox) after the DUE date but before the CLOSING date, do instructors/professors receive any notification?