Dropbox - Submission Options

Files Allowed Per Submission:

  • Choose whether or not students are allowed to submit an unlimited amount of files, or one file per submission. The system will automatically date and time stamp folder submissions.

Evaluating non-submissions

  • You can now evaluate a student’s work without them having submitted a file to the assignments (dropbox). This feature is especially useful for grading assignments that can not be submitted electronically to the assignments (dropbox).


  • Keep all submissions: Allows students to submit unlimited files.
  • Overwrite submissions: Allows students to submit unlimited files however, each new file overwrites the existing file.
  • Only one submission allowed: Allows only one submission per student.


Click Save to continue or Save and Close. 


  • Jennifer Frost says:

    Thank you for the note Chris. Only the student is able to submit to the assignment folder.
    If you have any other questions, please contact me directly. Thank you!
    Jennifer Frost

  • Chris Montgomery says:

    Is it possible for an Instructor to submit a file to a drop box on behalf of a student?

  • Jana Wells says:

    You can’t. You have to recreate the dropbox folder. It is a feature request in the Desire2Learn Product Idea forums on their community site.

  • Carol says:

    How does an instructor change the dropbox folder submission type? If the dropbox already has a ‘group’ folder submission attached to it, how can it be turned off so that individuals may submit to that dropbox?
    Thank you

  • Deema Saleh says:

    Hi Betty, In the current version of Slate, you can assign a start date and a due date for a dropbox. To do this you would create the new dropbox and click on the “restrictions” tab.The new version of slate will be in effect on the 24th of April. Once it is implemented, you will have the option to also indicate the assignment’s due date, allowing for late submissions. For more information on dropbox restrictions, please click on this link: or contact us for further assistance.

  • Betty Buder says:

    When creating an assignment for the dropbox, I do not have the option to choose a due date and an end date. When will this feature be available or is there a way to have a due date visible for the assignment and allow for late submissions?