Restrictions Tab



  • NOTE: By default when you create a new assignment folder, the folder is visible and active to students. You can manually check the box to hide the folder from student view.


  • You can specify a date or date range that your assignment (dropbox) becomes available to users. You are also able to accept late assignments now with a new Due Date restriction.
    • Select the checkbox beside Has Start Date and click on the calendar icon to choose a start date.
    • Select the checkbox beside Has Due Date and click on the calendar icon to choose a due date.
    • Select the checkbox beside Has End Date and click on the calendar icon to choose an end date.

Release Conditions

  • You can attach existing release conditions or create and attach new conditions to an assignment (dropbox).  Release conditions require users to meet specific criteria prior to accessing the assignment (dropbox). For example, you can attach release conditions requiring users to be enrolled in a group or view other content items prior to accessing the assignment (dropbox).

Special Access

  • Special Access allows you to assign specific users a different set of availability options.  You can allow for different start and end dates for individual users.

For additional information on adding users to special access click here.


  • Click Save and Close 






  • Jennifer Frost says:

    Thank you for the comment. The start date will be the first date the student will be able to submit to the assignment folder. The due date will be the actual date the assignment is due and if selected the student will not be able to submit anything beyond that date. If you decide to use an end date, the assignment folder will be open for submissions until that date, but will be marked as late since it is passed the due date.

    I hope that helps. If you have any further questions, please let me know.

    Jennifer Frost

  • F. Palumbo says:

    What is the difference between the Start Date, Due Date and End Date?