• Click Assessment > Assignments
    • Click New Assignment.
    • Enter a name for the assignment folder.
    • If you want to enable Turnitin Originality Checking, select the Turnitin Tab.
    • Choose either individual or group submission.
      • If you choose a group submission folder you can select the group category from the drop-down.
    • Under Submission Type you have 4 options:
      • File Submission: Students upload and submit a file as the assignment.
      • Text Submission: Students post text, image, or a link to their work in a text box within the assignment.
      • On Paper Submission: Students submit a physical copy of their assignment directly to their instructor. No file upload is required to complete the assignment.
      • Observed in Person: Allows the instructor to observe the student as they perform tasks, such as in-class presentations, and evaluate them using Assignments. No file upload is required to complete the assignment.
    • If you are using categories to organize your assignment folders select a category from the drop-down
      • You can create a new category by clicking New Category.
    • Associate the assignment folder with a grade item by selecting a grade item from the drop-down list.
      • You can also create a grade item by clicking New Grade Item
    • In the Out Of field provide the points value you will use to grade the submission.
    • Provide any assignment instructions in the instructions field or attach a file or audio recording under the attached files heading.
  • Under Submission Options, you can change the permission on how many submissions are allowed.
  • Click Restrictions and/or Turnitin Tab.
  • Click Save to continue or Save and Close. 

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