Assessment and Evaluation

Table of Contents


Gradebook Setup
Choosing a Grade System
Final Grade Released
Grade Calculations
Choose a Grade Scheme
Managing View Display Options
Student View Display Options
Grade Setup Summary
Grade Items and Categories
Creating Numeric Grade Items
Creating Grade Categories
Calculated Grade Items
Entering Grades
Releasing Final Grades
Exporting Grades
Loading Grades in PeopleSoft
Modify your Export File
Grade Export Widget


Create an Assignment Folder
Submission Options
Originality Checking Options
Setting Restrictions
Getting Students Started with Assignments
Submitting to an Assignment Folder
Assignment Submissions
Downloading Submissions
Evaluating Submissions
Evaluating an Assignment Submission
Evaluating an Assignment Submission - Rubric
Evaluating an Assignment Submission - Originality Reports (Turnitin)
Evaluating an Assignment Submission - No Submissions
Allowing Special Access - Assignment
Deleting a Assignment Folder
Restoring a Deleted Assignment


Creating a Quiz
Quiz Properties
Quiz Restrictions
Quiz Assessment
Submission Views
Default Submission View
Additional Submission Views
Viewing Quiz Results - Students
Accessing Quizzes
Creating Quiz Questions
True or False Questions
Multiple Choice Questions
Matching Questions
Fill in the Blank Questions
Long Answer Questions
Arithmetic Questions
Randomizing Questions (Question Pool)
Importing Questions from a Quiz into the Question Library
Allowing Special Access - Quizzes
Grading Quizzes
Respondus LockDown Browser
LockDown Browser: Instructions
Respondus 4.0
Using Respondus to Print a SLATE Quiz


Creating an Analytic Rubric


Self Assessments